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In a perfectly designed interior of leaving or working facility, elite fabric must present in any case. They specify the mood, make the facility warm and comfortable. Exclusive fabrics deserve separate attention as they are not just qualitative fabric but the item supplementing the interior with originality in the direct sense of this word.

The combination of different accessories and curtains made from elite fabrics make the facility complete, well considered.
The primary items of any interior are windows and doors. They are always in the focus of attention : we often look at the streets, enter and leave the rooms. Such functionality of the door and window openings enable them to specify the mood of the interior in whole. So, when a design project is developed, the details of the future curtains, blinds are to be considered in the first place. Elite curtains for your home is the right solution!

The Pierre Cardin’s nonflammable fabric

Pierre Cardin is the key great decorative fabric developer and manufacturer, a leader in the market of producers of fabrics from Trevira CS nonflammable fibre, and upholstery fabric designed for public and leaving facilities.

Each object is individual, whether it is a hotel, restaurant, cinema, theatre or passenger airliner. And Pierre Cardin has a solution for every object. At the same time, the combinations of the following properties are unlimited :

Pierre Cardin flammstop – all fabrics of the fist-class thick wool trademark are made from 100% Trevira CS fiber and are always nonflammable (poor inflammable, non-burning).

Pierre Cardin аir is exclusively authorized for the fabrics breaking down and removing harmful substances, tobacco and other odors by catalytic reaction – this is an important argument for hotels and restaurants!

Pierre Cardin bioactive are the fabrics removing or preventing bacteria distribution. Such fabrics are just irreplaceable for children institutions, spa, hospitals and sanatoriums.

Pierre Cardin acustic are the fabrics provided with clear and specific features to absorb sound. They were tested in the laboratory and we can provide you all data about their sound absorption feature.

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